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Retail's Responsible Reset

It’s time to reset and experience a new culture. Retailers can reset, build better, and grow with the right strategy, level of agility, and data. Along with purpose-led commitments to modern digital technology such as cloud, and environment, social, and governance (ESG) principles, retailers need to focus on five imperatives for growth – fulfillment, talent, digital, sourcing, and data. Therefore, this is recognized as the retail’s moment of truth.

In this ever-changing and challenging world, be agile to keep resetting to find profitable growth after resetting the business responsibly.

How Hatigen Can Help?

Department Stores

Amid increased competition and complex supply chains, meet changing demands and maximize customer service and profits.

Discount Stores

Increase supply chain efficiency, optimize merchandising, and generate product mix forecasts to achieve better retention.

Grocery Stores

Enhance your customer experience by planning to fine-tune inventory, adjusting prices, and deploying next-generation point of sale systems.

Specialty Retailers

Use social networks to deliver solutions and concepts for in-store selling and embrace the future of shopping.

ML Consulting

Develop and implement your project idea with the help of our expert data scientists. Share your project idea and avoid unnecessary pitfalls with guidance from our data science consulting team.


Agile development practice, 100% automation, security, and operational practices all come under the prototype-to-production process.

Cloud Migration & Transformation

Our cloud enablement consultants follow an agile migration factory, holistic, and structured approach to accelerate migration to the public cloud.

Multi-Cloud Enablement

Our expert team of cloud enablement consultants follows a cloud-agnostic approach to effectively evaluate customer requirements.

Hybrid-Cloud Enablement

Ensure effective cost management and flexible migration, spreading non-critical and sensitive workloads across both public and private cloud environments.

Your Partner in the Cloud

Hatigen helps you leverage the cloud to improve time to market and create exceptional customer experiences.

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