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Identify automation opportunities for your business and achieve exceptional efficiency. Automate repetitive and rule-based tasks with our RPA consulting services.

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How can RPA Services Support Real Business Needs?

RPA Bots

Achieve greater business ROI growth with faster workflow, higher efficiency, 0% error rate with our developed RPA bots.

Automate Processes

With our RPA consulting services, you can allow your employees to focus on more customer-centric activities by automating sluggish and manual processes.

Saves Time

Let your employees dedicate more time to your customers by automating their tasks and saving time with our RPA services.

Error-free Work

With RPA software robots, you can ensure error-free work in your business processes,- and are consistent and compliant.

Multiple Tasks

RPA software bots enable multiple operations to work simultaneously and they can be deployed quickly with minimum expenses.

Decreased Pressure

RPA services allow you to head off work pressure from your employees by eliminating non-value-add activities.

Our Portfolio of RPA Services

RPA Assessment

Primarily, it is essential to determine the eligibility of the process for RPA implementation to avoid time and cost failures. So, with our RPA assessment services, pre-determine the success rate, cost, and ROI.

RPA Process Mining

With the process mining step, you can analyze repetitiveness, volume, and expected ROI and thus, determine particular processes to automate. Our expert RPA consulting team quickly analyzes and identifies processes for automation.

RPA Consulting

Our RPA consulting services allow you to identify and build processes that require automation. Further, with the right RPA tools and automation PoCs, our RPA consultants will design an automation rollout roadmap to streamline your productivity.

RPA Development Services

Accelerate your digital transformation with a combination of digital technologies and customer experience. Our RPA development services allow you to implement your automation plan by managing and scaling a new digital workforce.

RPA Implementation Services

With our RPA implementation services, we use attended and unattended bots to develop and implement RPA solutions. Our RPA experts scale the implementation of the RPA project with the RPA Center of Excellence (CoE).

RPA Support & Managed Services

Our RPA team ensures continuous improvement with RPA enhancements. Furthermore, with our RPA support and managed services, we manage the overall RPA infrastructure by monitoring and optimizing RPA projects.

Our RPA Software Development Roadmap

Identify routine manual processes

Processes analysis and detailed use-case development.

Recording of click-level detailed steps.

Bot building and testing using the RPA platform.

Identify and document standard operating procedures.

Bot deployment, continuous review, and performance assessment.

Maintenance, bot performance assessment continuation, and escalation handling.

Why Partner with Us?

RPA Strategy

RPA strategy involves frequent workflow reviews, sustainable planning, and constant optimization. Furthermore, through our RPA consulting services, our expert team will address issues such as access control, scalability, and change management.

RPA Development

Hatigen cares about your business on a much technical side and so, provides a team of RPA experts. Also, in order to analyze the full potential of automation in your business context, we augment resources with a business analyst.

RPA Services

With a solid understanding of software development in the business context, our RPA developers and consultants have developed ready-to-use automation solutions with a great experience in retail, finance, transportation, healthcare, telecom, and logistics sectors.