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Draw actionable insights through the strategic and technology-driven processes. Avail of our Business Intelligence Solutions consulting services and achieve your business objectives.

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How can BI Solutions Services Support Real Business Needs?

Unified Analytics

Collect data from any source or application, blend it with different strategies and tools, and get unified insights across your enterprise.

Secure and Scalable

Robust role and permission management for enterprise-level security. Match to the pace of your business by scaling seamlessly.

Powerful Visualizations

Present your insights as per your wish through a vast library of visualizations. Intuitive drag and drop interface for organizing data perfectly.

Quick Adoption

Advanced analytics for every department and role. An easy-to-use platform that businesses can easily adapt and use.

Flexible Deployment

Use a fully managed subscription-based SaaS BI service, host on the cloud, or deploy on-premises based on your business needs.


Make the most use of AI-driven analytics in your everyday business operations.

Our Portfolio of BI Solutions Services


Modernize your existing business intelligence (BI) tools.

Integration & Augmentation

Integration and augmentation of third-party solutions such as IBM BI, SAP BI, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and more.


Design and development of BI solutions for your enterprise mobility.


Incorporating BI capabilities into existing systems.

Data visualization

Translating data into visual content and drawing meaningful insights.

Data warehousing & ETL

Extract, transform, and load data in a centralized storage location.

Enterprise Intelligence

Our BI solutions help in Company’s performance analysis and monitoring, company-wide data storage and consolidation, and strategic and operational planning.

Operational Intelligence

We help you monitor and analyze the operational process, predict and forecast operational performance, and recognize bottlenecks in operational processes.

Customer Intelligence

With our BI services, create a 360° customer view, manage customer relationships through cross-selling and upselling, personalized marketing, customer churn management, etc., analytics of customer behavior, and customer modeling.

Financial Intelligence

Our BI consultants help in financial risk forecasting, financial performance analysis, financial planning, and budgeting, and keep a track of your company’s expenses, revenue, and profitability.

Brand & Product Intelligence

Our BI solutions service provides competitor benchmarking, product or service portfolio optimization, product or service performance analysis, and brand awareness analysis.

Supply Chain Intelligence

We provide identification of demand drivers, supply chain visibility and analysis, supply chain risk management, demand planning, and forecasting, and supply chain cost modeling and optimization.

Transportation & Logistics

We help in operational capacity planning and optimization, data-driven fuel consumption estimation, static and dynamic route planning, and optimization.

Production Intelligence

Avail of our services for production process analysis and optimization, monitoring and analysis of overall equipment effectiveness, and equipment predictive maintenance.

Enterprise Asset Intelligence

Our business intelligence consultants help you in enterprise asset investment planning, enterprise asset life cycle management, and enterprise asset usage analytics.


We help you in workforce planning, employee performance monitoring and analysis, employee recruiting analysis, and employee churn prediction and management.

Why Partner with Us?

BI Consulting

Identify gaps and opportunities with our business intelligence (BI) consulting services. With the help of effective data visualization techniques, we derive powerful insights that enable you to achieve your business objectives. Furthermore, with a multidisciplinary team of business analysts and BI technology consultants, we provide the best in class BI consulting services. This allows us to achieve unprecedented results through our holistic approach to solving different business problems.

Enterprise Business Intelligence

We integrate multi-formatted data from various divisions and departments into a centralized and secure data storage through our enterprise business intelligence solutions. This enables business users of all levels to effectively analyze data. Furthermore, with the help of our BI platforms, you can complete the analytics process right from data ingestion to data visualization.

Implementation of BI Applications

We make our clients experience maximum benefits from their BI investments with our wide range of BI implementation services that include data warehousing, data management, data analytics, reporting, etc. Based on the requirements of every BI implementation project, the steps in the process vary with respect to the complexity and scale of the project.

BI Support & Maintenance

Our skilled BI technology consultants enhance and maintain the existing BI solutions of your organization that include ETL, analytics, database development and administration, reporting, and more. With respect to our effective BI platforms and databases, we provide comprehensive and tailor-made solutions based on the organization’s business needs, driving results including reduced cost of ownership and low incident occurrence.