Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate: AZ-204 Training Course Online

In this Microsoft Azure Developer Associate AZ-204 Certification Course Online, you will learn core concepts such as to developing and deploying an Azure function, Azure compute solutions, Azure storage, implementing Azure security, connecting to and consuming Azure services, and many more. Furthermore, this intermediate-level Microsoft Azure course enables you to create end-to-end solutions in Microsoft Azure.


Microsoft Azure AZ-204 Course Online – Overview

This Microsoft Azure Developer Associate Training Course online allows you to learn the core concepts of Azure and prepare for the Microsoft Azure Developer AZ-204 Certification Exam. As part of this Azure AZ-204 Course online, you will master the concepts of Azure service solutions, Azure storage services, Azure architecture, Cognitive Services such as Computer Vision, Azure technology development solutions, QnA maker, and API management services.

Microsoft Azure Developer Associate Course – Key Features

  • Trusted content
  • Re-learn for free anytime in a year
  • Rigorous assignments and assessments
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Mandatory feedback sessions
  • Mock-interviews
  • Hands-on real-time experience
  • Free mentorship
  • Live chat for instant solutions
  • Job-ready employees post-training
  • End-to-end training
  • Download the certificate after the course

Microsoft Azure Developer Associate Online Training – Benefits

The global market for cloud computing and the demand for the Azure platform is increasing rapidly and individuals can experience amazing career growth in Azure.

Annual Salary
Hiring Companies
Job Wise Benefits
Azure Developer

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Microsoft Azure Online Course – Training Options

Self-Paced Learning

£ 1200

  • 1-year access to the Blockchain course content
  • 1 capstone project
  • Multiple assessments
  • Continuous feedback sessions
  • Access to the class recordings
  • Assistance and support
  • Download certification
  • Free mentorship

Online Boot Camp

£ 1000

  • Everything in Self-paced learning +
  • On-spot doubt clarification
  • Interactive training sessions
  • Sessions on the capstone project
  • Live, online classroom training
  • Mock-interviews

Corporate Training

Customized to your team's needs

  • 1-year access to the Blockchain course content
  • 1 capstone project
  • Multiple assessments
  • Continuous feedback sessions
  • Class recordings
  • Assistance and support
  • Certification after the course

Microsoft Azure AZ-204 Training Program Online – Curriculum


Working professionals and programmers who are willing to develop solutions in Microsoft Azure can register for this online course. Also, this Microsoft Azure Developer Associate Certification Training program is ideal for experienced developers who have expert knowledge in designing and building cloud solutions.


If you have at least one year of experience in all the phases of software development, developing scalable solutions, and knowledge in developing services and apps with the use of Azure tools and techniques, then you can register for this Microsoft Azure Training course. Before joining this course, it is essential to have knowledge in at least one Azure-supported language and a prior experience with Azure.

Course Content

  • 1.01 Welcome to the Course
  • 1.02 Certification Overview
  • 1.03 Skills Overview
  • 1.04 Azure Overview
  • 2.01 Provision Virtual Machines (VMS)
  • 2.02 Configure, Validate, and Deploy ARM Templates
  • 2.03 Configure Container Images for Solutions
  • 2.04 Publish an Image to the Azure Container Registry
  • 2.05 Run Containers by Using Azure Container Instance
  • 3.01 Create an Azure App Service Web App
  • 3.02 Enable Diagnostics Logging
  • 3.03 Deploy Code to a Web App
  • 3.04 Configure Web App Settings Including SSL, API Settings, and Connection Strings
  • 3.05 Implement Autoscaling Rules Including Scheduled Autoscaling and Autoscaling by Operational or System Metrics: Part One
  • 3.06 Implement Autoscaling Rules Including Scheduled Autoscaling and Autoscaling by Operational or System Metrics: Part Two
  • 4.01 Create and Deploy Azure Functions Apps
  • 4.02 Implement Input and Output Bindings for a Function
  • 4.03 Implement Azure Durable Functions
  • 5.01 Select the Appropriate API and Sdk for a Solution
  • 5.02 Implement Partitioning Schemes and Partition Keys
  • 5.03 Perform Operations on Data and Cosmos Db Containers
  • 5.04 Set the Appropriate Consistency Level for Operations
  • 5.05 Manage Change Feed Notifications
  • 6.01 Creating a Storage Account
  • 6.02 Move Items in Blob Storage Between Storage Accounts or Containers
  • 6.03 Set and Retrieve Properties and Metadata
  • 6.04 Perform Operations on Data by Using the Appropriate Sdk
  • 6.05 Implement Storage Policies, and Data Archiving and Retention
  • 7.01 Authenticate and Authorize Users by Using the Microsoft Identity Platform
  • 7.02 Authenticate and Authorize Users and Apps by Using Azure Active Directory
  • 7.03 Create and Implement Shared Access Signatures
  • 8.01 Secure App Configuration Data by Using App Configuration Azure Key Vault
  • 8.02 Develop Code That Uses Keys, Secrets, and Certificates Stored in Azure Key Vault
  • 8.03 Implement Managed Identities for Azure Resources
  • 8.04 Implement Solutions That Interact With Microsoft Graph
  • 9.01 Configure Cache and Expiration Policies for Azure Redis Cache
  • 9.02 Implement Secure and Optimized Application Cache Patterns Including Data Sizing, Connections, Encryption, and Expiration
  • 10.01 Configure an App or Service to Use Application Insights
  • 10.02 Analyze and Troubleshoot Solutions by Using Azure Monitor
  • 10.03 Implement Application Insights Web Tests and Alerts
  • 11.01 Create an APIM Instance
  • 11.02 Configure Authentication for API`s
  • 11.03 Define Policies for API`s
  • 12.01 Implement Solutions That Use Azure Event Grid
  • 12.02 Implement Solutions That Use Azure Event Hubs
  • Lesson 13: Develop Message Based Solutions
  • 13.01 Implement Solutions That Use Azure Service Bus
  • 13.02 Implement Solutions That Use Azure Queue Storage Queues

Microsoft Azure Developer Associate Training Course Online – FAQs

After you have registered for this Microsoft Azure course online, make sure you have the following tools to attend the training sessions.

  • OS: Windows any version above XP SP3 and Mac any version above OS X 10.6
  • Internet speed: Preferably above 512 kbps.
  • Headset: Any good headset with a microphone so that you can hear and talk clearly.

Microsoft Azure Developer Associate AZ-204 Certificate Exam is really the toughest exam and will be not as easy as any fundamentals exam. So, this Microsoft Azure course online is specially designed for cloud engineers and software developers who can face the more technical part included in the exam.

As per the course curriculum of the Microsoft Azure Developer Associate course and the skills that are learned in this course, coding knowledge is not essential for the AZ-204 exam.