Cyber Security Services

Build cyber resilience for your organization from the inside out with our cyber security consulting services. Protect your business against cyber threats with our strategic cyber security services.

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How can Cyber Security Consulting Services Support Real Business Needs?

Fast and Reliable

Our cyber security consulting services help you receive site-level event alerts so that you can easily recover from them.

Ease of Management

Attain control over heterogeneous technologies and simplified visibility for monitoring with the help of a single console.

Security-rich Environment

Our cyber security consultants help you speed up detection and recovery with automation and air-gap data.

Immutable Storage

Hatigen helps you to prevent the corruption of platform configurations and application data with unalterable storage i.e. write once read many (WORM).

Air-gapped Protection

Network isolation helps you to protect and back-up data through the separation of production environments from the storage.

Configure Your Data Protection

Ensure that your data is protected and recoverable with the help of AI-based anomaly detection and automated snapshot verification.

Our Portfolio of Cyber Security Services

Dedicated Experts

Secure your organization with the proper direction and guidance from our dedicated cyber security experts. We take the entire responsibility for cyber security and you don’t have to worry about it.

Management & Planning

Identify and treat incidents with our cyber incident response management planning and quickly return to your business as usual.

Vulnerability, Scanning, and Assessments

Our cyber security consultants spot weaknesses inside and outside your organization through vulnerability, scanning, and assessments, and thus, help you to act immediately.

Unlimited Advice Line

Our expert team of cyber security consultants promises your everyday peace of mind with an unlimited cyber security advice line.

Awareness Training

Hatigen provides staff awareness training on cyber security so that they can reduce threats by working in the office or remotely.

Knowledge Sharing

Our cyber security consulting team will share knowledge with staff, stakeholders, and senior management through a knowledge pool of webinars, newsletters, and security updates.

Emergency Support

You may experience sudden unexpected moments where you need emergency legal support and we are there for those ‘just-in-case’ situations.

Policy and Templates

Make sure you complete your documentation lined up with the best practices through our procedure templates and pre-written policy.

Our Cyber Security Services Roadmap

Client Business Strategy

Access - Benchmarking against industry frameworks


Test and Evidence

Manage, Monitor & Optimise

Why Partner with Us?

Achieve Security

We’ll help you achieve security from day one of the services. Our team of expert consultants helps you kick-start your cyber security journey with the immediate deployment of tools, support, and training.

Expert Cyber Security Support

Employing an in-house cyber security team might be really worrying you with the high expenses in terms of salaries. Our cybersecurity consulting team with great experience, skills, and knowledge comes in one simple package.

Round the Clock Support

With the efficient frameworks and tools to mitigate risks 24/7, our responders, consultants, and legal team will steer you on the way to becoming cyber secure 365 days a year.

One Place for Multiple Needs

Hatigen aims to fulfill all of your cyber security needs with our cyber security services. You may experience cyber attacks in different forms and our expert team will help you with solutions that integrate flawlessly, rapid response times to all issues, and high levels of communication between teams.

Expert Team

Our expert team of cyber security consultants ensures that your organization is protected 24/7 with constant analysis. We empower the best minds in cyber security who have been incident responders in very tricky situations and implemented the best practices of cyber security frameworks.