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How can AWS Services help Real Business Needs?

Data & Analytics

Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Athena, Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS, Amazon EMR, AWS Glue, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon Dynamo DB.

Security, Compliance & Identity

AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS), AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), and AWS WAF.

Management & Governance

AWS CloudFormation, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Config, and AWS CloudTrail.

Machine Learning

Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Rekognition, and Amazon Textract.


Amazon Managed Blockchain.


Amazon S3 and AWS Storage Gateway.


AWS Lambda and Amazon EC2.


Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, and AWS Fargate.


AWS IoT Greengrass and AWS IoT Core.

Our AWS Consulting Services Roadmap





Our Portfolio of AWS Services?

AWS Migration & Modernization

AWS Migration & Modernization services provide migration from cloud to cloud, AWS application modernization and refactoring, migration from on-premises to AWS, database migration, TCO analysis, environment assessment, architecture design and build.

AWS Managed Services

Our AWS control tower experts handle the application and database monitoring, security scanning and patching, cloud cost management, 24/7 monitoring and assistance, and backup management.

Windows Workload Migration

Windows workload migration helps you to identify the gaps with the AWS cloud adoption framework, mobilize resources, assess the readiness, migrate readiness assessments, and modernize workloads.

AWS Security Services

AWS Security services help you protect your data from unauthorized access, protect network and application, and provide compliance and data privacy, identity and access management to manage permissions, identity, resources, etc. securely, threat detections, and continuous monitoring.

AWS Micro Services

AWS Micro Services provides high performance containerization management service, M-DevOps – management of the code lifecycle, networking services with sub-millisecond latency and throughput, serverless infrastructure management, and secure data storage services for durability and scalability.

AWS Workspaces

AWS Workspaces supports high-performance desktops, optimization costs with on-demand, desktop virtualization service for Linux and windows, reduced downtime with high reliability and fully managed application delivery, and pay-as-you-go scaling with a range of storage options, compute, and memory.

Why Partner with Us?

AWS Advisory Services

Build or migrate on the AWS cloud and achieve security, agility, and reduced complexity with our AWS cloud advisory services. Our AWS cloud consultants help your company with the scope of migration, infrastructure assessment, cost-benefit analysis, and more.

AWS Consulting Services

Our AWS cloud consultants help you achieve the full potential of AWS Cloud with their expert guidance in areas such as performance, scale, and cost. Our team considers proven success factors and strategies and defines a deployment strategy with respect to your goals.

AWS Managed Services

We help enterprises focus on their core business objectives with the effective optimization of operational capabilities through our AWS cloud-managed services. Our AWS cloud consultants approach enables security, compliance, and flexibility for your IT environment and thus, allows you to take effective actions at lesser costs.

AWS Site Reliability

With the effective deployment of infrastructure and application resilience frameworks, Hatigen enables you to deploy fault-tolerant applications on the AWS cloud. Furthermore, we deploy techniques such as escalation, monitoring, and workload architecture.

AWS Migration

Our AWS cloud consultants help your business stay ahead of the curve with our planned and developed AWS cloud migration strategy. We accelerate lift and shift to complex on-premise to cloud migrations through the involvement of your data and application landscape.

AWS Governance

Our AWS consultants help you operate the AWS environment for a faster pace of innovation, greater control, and scalability on-demand. Our AWS cloud services help you to deploy services including AWS CloudFormation, service catalog, CloudTrail, etc., and manage highly dynamic cloud resources.