Public Services

We help public sector firms to transform, innovate, and work smarter to improve outcomes, enhance services, and achieve more.

Public Services

You can create new opportunities with the culture of innovation and by adopting an agile mindset to transform the public sector. We harness digital technologies and disruptive potential to help you bring public sector services to life efficiently and affordably. This enables you to put the businesses, workers, citizens, and communities you serve at the heart of progress.

We resolve the biggest challenges that the public sector industries are facing today with our wealth of expertise and innovating where technology and industry intersect. We help you modernize and drive more from your resources by combining experiences, fresh thinking, and insights with your capabilities.

We enable you to turn new ideas into reality, improve outcomes, and deliver better experiences for all those you serve. Thus, move ahead when the world moves.

How Hatigen Can Help?

Health and Human Services

Improve program design, drive better decisions, and deliver more people-centric policies by harnessing data insights and reimaging service models.


We are innovating to close the divide between administrators and students as the digital natives flood campuses.


Reinventing the retirement experience for transforming pension models by digital retirement agencies.

Public Safety

In an age of digital disruption, explore the evolvement of policing, public safety, and law enforcement.

Post and Parcel

Capitalizing on new trends and tech, like shifting consumer demands, blockchain, eCommerce growth, and changing business models to innovate.

Back Office Transformation

Transforming the back office into innovation hubs with our expertise in emerging tech.

ML Consulting

Develop and implement your project idea with the help of our expert data scientists. Share your project idea and avoid unnecessary pitfalls with guidance from our data science consulting team.


Agile development practice, 100% automation, security, and operational practices all come under the prototype-to-production process.

Cloud Migration & Transformation

Our cloud enablement consultants follow an agile migration factory, holistic, and structured approach to accelerate migration to the public cloud.

Multi-Cloud Enablement

Our expert team of cloud enablement consultants follows a cloud-agnostic approach to effectively evaluate customer requirements.

Hybrid-Cloud Enablement

Ensure effective cost management and flexible migration, spreading non-critical and sensitive workloads across both public and private cloud environments.

Your Partner in the Cloud

Hatigen helps you leverage the cloud to improve time to market and create exceptional customer experiences.

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