With our IT consulting services, we help the healthcare industry address current challenges and implement advanced healthcare initiatives.


Hatigen’s innovation-led approach provides affordable, more efficient, and effective healthcare services.

Our expert team of committed professionals combines clinical and business insights with real-world experiences. In this demanding new digital world, they operate at the intersection of technology and business to deliver the power of Insight Driven Health.

Therefore, Hatigen is renowned to be the go-to organization for many leading healthcare providers, payers, and public health entities. Furthermore, we help you become one of the most intelligent healthcare enterprises of the future with our wide range of end-to-end services.

How Hatigen Can Help?


Want to deliver greater value? Increase innovation, implement process improvements, and prepare for the future with our expert guidance.

Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Our services include clinical management programs, implementation advice, regulatory compliance solutions, and business intelligence systems.


Our innovative solutions and services help your organization improve financial performance and deliver quality coordinated care.

ML Consulting

Develop and implement your project idea with the help of our expert data scientists. Share your project idea and avoid unnecessary pitfalls with guidance from our data science consulting team.


Agile development practice, 100% automation, security, and operational practices all come under the prototype-to-production process.

Cloud Migration & Transformation

Our cloud enablement consultants follow an agile migration factory, holistic, and structured approach to accelerate migration to the public cloud.

Multi-Cloud Enablement

Our expert team of cloud enablement consultants follows a cloud-agnostic approach to effectively evaluate customer requirements.

Hybrid-Cloud Enablement

Ensure effective cost management and flexible migration, spreading non-critical and sensitive workloads across both public and private cloud environments.

Your Partner in the Cloud

Hatigen helps you leverage the cloud to improve time to market and create exceptional customer experiences.

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