AI Product Manager Course

If you want to advance your artificial intelligence skills so that you can put them in deriving the best business solutions and for the product development, then enroll in this AI Product Manager Course online. In this AI Product Manager Program course online, you will learn to implement the best practices for the product prototypes.


AI Product Manager Training Course Online – Overview

AI Product Manager Training Course curriculum is designed by the industry experts through which you can gain job-ready skills. Furthermore, in this AI Product Manager Course Online, you will learn more about AI technologies, supervised, unsupervised, and deep learning models, data annotations, machine learning tools and techniques, etc. So, join this AI Product Manager Course through which you can acquire artificial intelligence skills and implement them to identify business cases.

AI Product Manager Course Online – Key Features

  • Trusted content.
  • Re-learn for free anytime in a year.
  • Rigorous assignments and assessments.
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Mandatory feedback sessions.
  • Mock-interviews.
  • Hands-on real-time experience.
  • Free mentorship.
  • Live chat for instant solutions.
  • Job ready employees post-training.
  • End-to-end training.
  • Download the certificate after the course.

AI Product Manager Course Online – Benefits

The global market growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is likely to increase with a CAGR of 38.1% and reach $1,597.1 billion by 2030. So, with this enormous increase, businesses can experience good revenue growth and candidates can experience amazing job opportunities.

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AI Product Manager

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AI Product Manager Course – Training Options

Self-Paced Learning

£ 1200

  • 1-year access to the AI Product Manager course content.
  • 1 capstone project.
  • Multiple assessments.
  • Continuous feedback sessions.
  • Access to the class recordings.
  • Assistance and support.
  • Download certification.
  • Free mentorship.

Online Boot Camp

£ 1000

  • Everything in Self-paced learning +
  • On-spot doubt clarification.
  • Interactive training sessions.
  • Sessions on the capstone project.
  • Live, online classroom training.
  • Mock-interviews.

Corporate Training

Customized to your team’s needs

  • 1-year access to the AI Product Manager course content.
  • 1 capstone project.
  • Multiple assessments.
  • Continuous feedback sessions.
  • Class recordings.
  • Assistance and support.
  • Certification after the course.

AI Product Manager Online Training Course – Curriculum


This AI Product Manager Course Online is best suitable for individuals who have done basic or intermediate level AI courses, working professionals such as software engineers, software developers, managers, etc. who want to learn AI and get into AI Product Manager Position.


Though this AI Product Manager course trains you in the foundational concepts of artificial intelligence, a basic knowledge of python programming, deep learning, and machine learning will allow you to experience a smooth learning journey.

Course Content

  • Learn the basics of AI and machine learning, and how businesses derive value from AI
  • Understand the meaning of key terminologies, such as learning, unsupervised learning, and neural networks
  • Learn to narrow down a business use case and decide when to use AI in a product
  • Learn strategies for measuring the success of a product
  • See how to build an AI product team that can manage data and test product efficacy, over time
  • Learn to analyze the size of your data and how well data fits a particular product use case
  • Learn how to use Figure Eight’s crowdsourced data annotation platform to generate a high-quality ground-truth dataset with human annotation
  • Design annotation instructions for best-in-class results
  • Define a product goal for a medical diagnostic tool
  • Design an annotation job for a medical image dataset
  • Consider metrics for success, how you might improve the annotation design, and design test questions for annotators
  • Learn how a neural network learns from training data.
  • Use test data to evaluate a trained model according to metrics like accuracy, precision, and recall.
  • Learn how to use pre-trained models to transfer learning from one resource to another.
  • Build and train a model using Google’s AutoML.
  • Evaluate several models and decide on the best model for a given product use case.
  • Learn how to measure the business outcomes of a launched product.
  • Discuss A/B testing and versioning.
  • Learn strategies for mitigating unwanted bias in a machine learning model and product.
  • See how to scale a product, according to user audience and demand
  • See an end-to-end AI product development cycle.
  • Learn strategies for ideating solutions to problems, and improving a prototype, incrementally.
  • Spend your time focused on prototyping a product, and earn strategies for continuously learning and updating a machine learning model.
  • Develop a business proposal for an AI product

AI Product Manager Online Training Program – FAQs

In this AI Product Manager Course online, you will advance your AI skills through which you will be able to deal with the duties of a product manager. Therefore, you will acquire skills to build AI-powered products and make your business prosper.

If you are the one willing to gain proficiency in AI technology, then this course is right for you. In order to acquire AI skills, get an understanding of its use cases, know how to evaluate machine learning models, how to build a dataset, then this AI Product Manager Training program will let you master all such skills.

There are no software or hardware requirements when you join this AI product manager course online. At the time you begin the course, it is necessary to have a 64-bit computer and a high-speed internet connection. Rest all the software and versions you need during the course, you will be guided with the installation procedure by the expert trainers.