Ansible 2.0 Training Course

Due to its dynamic productivity capabilities, Ansible is gaining massive attention leading to increased job opportunities. One who wants to learn Ansible can join this Ansible 2.0 certification training course online and learn the fundamentals of Ansible, create Ansible playbooks, standardize task execution, Ansible tower to schedule recurring web interface runs, and Ansible vault, etc.


Ansible Certification Course Online – Overview

Ansible is one of the most demanded tools in the DevOps environment, an open-source tool used to configure, manage, and deploy software applications. With the help of this tool, you can automate sophisticated multi-tier IT systems, and thus, it is used by most organizations to overcome automation challenges. Furthermore, in this Ansible 2.0 training course online, you will learn the installation of Ansible 2.0, and to create playbooks, configure network devices, and manage an entire cloud region

Ansible 2.0 Course Online – Key Features

  • Trusted content.
  • Re-learn for free anytime in a year.
  • Rigorous assignments and assessments.
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Mandatory feedback sessions.
  • Mock-interviews.
  • Hands-on real-time experience.
  • Free mentorship.
  • Live chat for instant solutions.
  • Job ready employees post-training.
  • End-to-end training.
  • Download the certificate after the course.

Ansible Training Course Online – Benefits

With the increase in the global market growth of network automation, there are huge job opportunities. Therefore, individuals willing to make a career in DevOps or Ansible can get a certification in Ansible and thus, land a high-paying job.

Annual Salary
Hiring Companies
Job Wise Benefits
Ansible Developer

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Ansible 2.0 Course – Training Options

Self-Paced Learning

£ 1200

  • 1-year access to the Ansible course content.
  • 1 capstone project.
  • Multiple assessments.
  • Continuous feedback sessions.
  • Access to the class recordings.
  • Assistance and support.
  • Download certification.
  • Free mentorship.

Online Boot Camp

£ 1000

  • Everything in Self-paced learning +
  • On-spot doubt clarification.
  • Interactive training sessions.
  • Sessions on the capstone project.
  • Live, online classroom training.
  • Mock-interviews.

Corporate Training

Customized to your team’s needs

  • 1-year access to the Ansible course content.
  • 1 capstone project.
  • Multiple assessments.
  • Continuous feedback sessions.
  • Class recordings.
  • Assistance and support.
  • Certification after the course.

Ansible Training Program Online – Curriculum


Anyone who is willing to learn Ansible is eligible for this course. However, it is well-suited for automation engineers, system administrators, and software developers. Furthermore, Ansible 2.0 training course allows you to acquire skills to automate their organizational infrastructure.


For your smooth learning journey in this Ansible course online, you need to have prior exposure to Linux system administration and access to a Linux system.

Course Content

  • 1.001 The Course Overview
  • 1.002 What Is Ansible?
  • 1.003 Why Ansible?
  • 1.004 Demonstration – From Bash to Ansible
  • 1.005 Course Layout
  • 1.006 Basic Ansible Vocabulary
  • 1.007 New Features in Ansible 2.0
  • 2.001 Creating an Ansible Home Base
  • 2.002 Installing Ansible
  • 2.003 Bleeding-Edge Ansible Installation
  • 2.004 Setting up our Test Environment
  • 2.005 Target Machine Requirements
  • 3.001 Ansible Configuration Hierarchy
  • 3.002 Ansible Hosts Inventory File
  • 3.003 Ad-Hoc Commands
  • 3.004 Playbook Structure
  • 3.005 Introduction to Modules
  • 3.006 Common Modules
  • 3.007 Variables and Facts
  • 4.001 Real-Life Playbook: Mattermost Deployment
  • 4.002 Real-Life Playbook: Walkthrough
  • 5.001 Debugging and Troubleshooting
  • 5.002 Conditionals and Control Flow
  • 5.003 Templating, Control Flow, and Iteration in Jinja2
  • 5.004 YAML Basics
  • 5.005 Ansible Blocks
  • 5.006 Common Modules
  • 5.007 Ansible Galaxy
  • 5.007 Security
  • 6.001 Ansible in the Cloud
  • 6.002 Ansible AWS Demo
  • 6.003 Ansible Tower

Ansible 2.0 Training Program Course Online – FAQs

Ansible 2.0 is the most powerful open-source tool that allows you to automate tasks such as to making configuration changes across Windows or Linux, configuring network devices, and managing an entire cloud region. Furthermore, software developers, system administrators, and automation engineers can experience a great advantage in their career or professional life with this Ansible 2.0 certification training course online.

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When you are seeking a professional or advanced career in DevOps, it is essential to be familiar with all the popular DevOps tools and techniques. Most organizations and even developers consider Ansible 2.0 as a great IT automation software tool that considerably reduces coding time. Also, with the use of the Ansible 2.0 tool, you can easily set up, configure, and deploy IT systems and servers.