Data Engineering Services

Design, build, and manage big data infrastructures with the help of our data engineering consulting services. Also, derive business insights with effective data analysis techniques.

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How can Data Engineering Services Support Real Business Needs?

Faster Time-to-Value

Without compromising quality, we deliver high-value services in a short span with the help of frameworks, accelerators, and proven services.

Increased Sales

Our data engineering consultants help you fuel up your sales number by leveraging online or e-commerce data.

Enhanced Compliance

Hatigen helps you to align sales and distribution with the proper integration of market data and regulations.

New Customer & Market Insights

Our data engineering consultants help you attain new insights into inventory levels and consumer behaviour with access to retail data and market research integration.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Improve sales and operations by developing dataEng/ML use cases, improve efficiency by leveraging operational data, identify gaps, get better supply chain visibility with proper access to the distributor data, and improve replenishment rates.

Empowerment/ User Satisfaction

Our data engineering consultants provide a self-service analytics model which enables business analysts and users to analyze data efficiently.

Our Portfolio of Data Engineering Services

Data Ingestion

Unstructured and structured data from batch and streaming sources are extracted and cleaned to further make it available on cloud systems or database systems. This allows business users and data scientists to explore and analyze data.

Data Storage & ELT/ ETL

Our data engineering consultants help you to extract, transform, process, and load data techniques into various non-relational, relational, big data systems, NoSQL, and cloud storages based on the type of data, availability, velocity, and volume.

Data Modernization

Our data engineering consultants use a smart and efficient approach to migrate business data from on-prem legacy systems into new target platforms or cloud storage infrastructure.

Data Pipelines

Build independent and production-grade data workflow pipelines to transform, move, and store data using cloud orchestration, big data, various legacy, and other data management pipeline tools and techniques such as Synapse, DF, Informatica, Databricks, etc. to process data in real-time and in batch.

Data CI/CD

Develop release pipelines and efficient production build based on reference or application data, infrastructure-as-code artifacts, database objects (functions, schema definitions, stored procedures, etc.) data validation, data pipeline definitions, and transformation logics with our expertise in cloud-based deployment services.

Real-Time Processing

With years of experience, our data engineering consultants implement batch and real-time data processing systems based on web hosting, mobile, and cloud services across various distributed environments.

Our Data Engineering Services Roadmap

Understand technical requirements and real business needs.

Analyze future and existing data sources

Building and implementing a Data Lake

Designing and implementing Data Pipelines

Automation and deployment


Why Partner with Us?

Modern Data Pipelines

Our data engineering consultants are experts in designing, constructing, and implementing automated data pipelines of production quality, both in the cloud and on-premises.

Data Preparation & ETL/ELT

Process, load, and transform data into the required data model for advanced analytics and business reporting through data preparation, ETL/ELT, and processing. Furthermore, Hatigen is expertise in developing data pipelines for various industries such as sales, finance, supply chain, etc.

Data Lake Implementation

Expand your business data architecture with the effective Data Lake Implementation which supports data storage and quick processing. We help you overcome your business challenges such as customer data platforms, product traceability, IoT data reporting, etc. through our effective Data Lake solutions.

Cloud Data Architecture

With our data engineering services, we help you design and build highly accessible and flexible business data architectures. Furthermore, with a strong experience from several large enterprises, we help your business step up to the next level in terms of data analytics.

End-to-end Data Engineering Services

We offer end-to-end data engineering consulting services for clients of various industries right from strategy and planning with the help of our implementation and managed services.

Proven Accelerators for Quick Time to Value

Fast-tracking implementations with accelerators repository. Also, we help you accelerate the data monetization journey with the best practices from our data modernization toolkit.

Unmatched Expertise

We have a team of highly experienced data engineering consultants who will be responsible for democratizing data across heterogeneous systems.