Artificial Intelligence

Empower your business with our AI consulting services. Tackle your business challenges and transform your software products with our AI strategies.

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How can AI Services Support Real Business Needs?

Automation at Scale

Automation helps you avoid mistakes and human errors. With our AI software development services, automate and optimize your business routine operations and processes through which you can save time and money.

Holistic Insights

Make better decisions with the use of fact-based insights from AI software. Further, with our AI consulting services, understand your customer preferences and provide them with more personalized experiences.

Better Decision Making

Analyze the outputs from cognitive technologies and make better business decisions. Get intelligent advice and support from our team with their in-depth knowledge and expertise.

Increased Productivity

Hatigen helps you to avoid low product quality or production loss. With the use of our advanced and strategical AI development services, increase your operational efficiency and business productivity.

Act-on Engagement

Utilize a huge amount of data to create engagement and improve customer services. Generate quality leads, maximize sales opportunities, and increase the revenue of your business.

Our Portfolio of AI Services

AI Strategy

Build your business strategy with our expert AI decision-making skills. Improve the operations of your business with the utmost use of AI software.

AI Transformation Strategy

What your gains are

  • Identify and discover the competitive advantages of AI software for the organization.
  • Your company’s readiness for AI adoption.
  • Mark your business goals and get a list of strategies for AI transformation.
  • Choose the right strategy of AI technology for your desired business goals.
  • Increase awareness in your company and speed up AI transformation processes.

AI Technology Consulting

Implement AI solutions into your business with our AI consulting services. Artificial intelligence helps you analyze data, discover its monetization potential, and understand a wide range of opportunities.

AI Solution Design
AI Data Exploration
AI Model Assessment
Pilot Project

What your gains are

  • You can get the best answers for the most challenging questions of your business by drawing actionable insights from the available massive data sets.
  • Make sure your AI Model is accurate and explainable.
  • Get technical documentation done for your future AI solution.

AI Development & Engineering

Leverage real-time data with the use of frameworks and design, develop, and deploy AI applications for your business ROI growth. Build AI and machine learning solutions in a real-world context and drive your business.

Anomaly Detection
Computer Vision
Customer Analytics
Natural Language Processing
Machine Learning Data Engineering
Machine Learning Operations
Predictive Analytics
Recommender Systems
Scientific Model Architecting
TimeSeries Forecasting

What your gains are

  • Smart transformations of the technology and your workflows.
  • Draw insights into your customers and their experiences.
  • Prevent fraud-related damages and losses by identifying anomalies.
  • Predict the future and gain a competitive advantage in the market.
  • Analyze extracted features and stats and make data-driven business decisions.

Our AI Software Development Roadmap

Business Context Research

Q&A Sessions for Detailed Information

Customer Data Collection

Data Exploration, Enrichment & Analysis

Data Preparation

Solution Prototype

Model Training

Model Performance Optimization

Increase Model Robustness

Solution Deployment

Why Partner With Us?

Proven Competency

We have a well-experienced team who are certified and well-versed in artificial intelligence, deep learning architectures, and machine learning algorithms.

Business Forte

Our AI team has the practical experience and business understanding of industries such as finance, tech insurance, pharma, etc.

Technology Agnosticism

With technical experts in Python, PyTorch, TensorFlow, R, Keras, FastAI, and others, we do not make any biased decisions towards any technologies or frameworks.

Cross-technology Applications

With our expertise in various technology areas and engineering practices, we offer consulting services in the cloud, big data, & other technologies.

Data at Heart

Our AI software development team is expertise in designing and building cloud solutions for proper data warehousing and data governance.

Focus on Results

We focus to deliver promised results with effective modeling, automation, solution deployment, infrastructure, and maintenance. CI/CD processes are established, infrastructure is properly set up, and security risks are mitigated.