Banking and Finance

We help banking and finance organizations become more customer-focused, data-driven, and agile. We also help companies address the most challenging and complex security, banking, and capital markets issues.

Banking and Finance

As the challenger big techs and banks are withdrawn from the value chain, the banking industry has been de-layering and fragmenting. This neo-normal has presented banks with a clear choice: risk yielding competitive advantage or commit to continuous technological innovation, thus creating opportunities for collaboration.

However, it is not just about the digital transformation. Furthermore, as the revenue and share leaking out of the banking industry to big techs and various other industries, it is necessary for banks to challenge their long-established beliefs and conventions. Also, banking and finance organizations need to understand their markets and how they can achieve success. It is also important to shape new business models, rediscover their purpose and humanity, be partners in unconventional ways, and commit to constant innovation.

Hatigen helps you as a strategic partner with a global perspective, bringing technological expertise, sharing the risks and rewards, and the ability to deliver. Furthermore, with the help of market-leading solutions and tools, we enable flexible architecture in the cloud and create amazing customer experiences by finding value in your data. We aim to deliver on our promise of human ingenuity and technology and build our reputation on the line along with yours.

How Hatigen Can Help?

Retail and Commercial Banking

Rebuild operating models and technology for the future. Create end-to-end experiences for retail customers and next-gen experiences for corporate customers that deliver more efficient payments processes and operations.


In your lending processes, plan to maintain the human factor. Achieve stability and scale with automated back and front offices.


Achieve core processes modernization. Improve fraud and risk management and increase throughput with the help of our enterprise designs and strategies.

ML Consulting

Develop and implement your project idea with the help of our expert data scientists. Share your project idea and avoid unnecessary pitfalls with guidance from our data science consulting team.


Agile development practice, 100% automation, security, and operational practices all come under the prototype-to-production process.

Cloud Migration & Transformation

Our cloud enablement consultants follow an agile migration factory, holistic, and structured approach to accelerate migration to the public cloud.

Multi-Cloud Enablement

Our expert team of cloud enablement consultants follows a cloud-agnostic approach to effectively evaluate customer requirements.

Hybrid-Cloud Enablement

Ensure effective cost management and flexible migration, spreading non-critical and sensitive workloads across both public and private cloud environments.

Banking Capabilities

We help payment providers and banks to thrive and be future-ready by taking bold steps with the use of the latest technologies.


We fuel innovation in the payments process that enables payment providers, banks, and other players in the value chain to win.

Core Banking

We build core banking systems for the future that are connected, intelligent, and flexible.


We help retail and commercial lenders grow in the digital economy and beyond by rebuilding credit operations.

Banking Cloud

We help you use the right strategy to unlock the cloud’s true benefits, people, and tools to operate it, migrate it, and secure it.

Open Banking

We help banks develop more personalized, relevant products and experiences by capitalizing on enhanced data flows.

Sustainable Banking

For first-mover advantage, we help banks execute their sustainability agenda with the perfect visualization.

Banking Operations

We use smart tech to revamp bank operating models and deliver new experiences, cut costs, and improve outcomes.

Customer Experience

We help banks reinforce trust and purpose by reinventing their customer experience.

Risk & Regulation

We help banks navigate fraud & financial crime, cyber risk, analytics & technology, and compliance.

Banking Segments

Commercial Banking

We help commercial banks become customer-focused, agile, and data-driven organizations.

Auto Finance

We help captive automotive finance companies and banks to meet the needs of dealers and customers by going fully digital.

Equipment Finance

We help captive equipment finance companies and banks to equip future-ready digital lending operations.

Your Partner in the Cloud

Hatigen helps you leverage the cloud to improve time to market and create exceptional customer experiences.

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