Our Solutions, Your Success

We help multiple organizations across various industries to achieve their business objectives with our IT consulting services. Our team with their deep tech background and years of experience provides comprehensive strategies for the technological and digital transformation of various businesses.

Who We Are?

Hatigen – one of the most renowned IT consulting organizations focuses on strategy, data, transformation, and technology.

Believe, Hatigen turns out to be the most crucial part of your business journey. Our top talents, strategic minds, and diverse experiences provide cutting-edge solutions through which you can achieve your business goals. We are recognized as a 360° IT innovations firm, providing integrated IT consulting services, training on the most advanced technologies by the top industry experts, and IT staffing solutions. Thus, Hatigen aims to empower individuals and businesses with world-class domain knowledge and cutting-edge technologies and drive them towards success.

Our Journey

Operating Since 2016

Hatigen Consulting Services commences operations in 2016

Head Quartered

In United Kingdom

Branches Office

In India, UK, EU

Preferred Top IT Partner

with many leading Global Tech Companies for past 5+ years

A Cloud Consulting Solution outfit

Data & Analytics & Cloud digital transformation specialist


Infrastructure - In India, UK, EUR

How we do - What we do






The Ethos

Live, Breathe Technology

We have gained extensive domain knowledge with our zeal and passion to innovate. Our strong and firm grip allows us to deliver outstanding results to our clients.

Deliver Solutions

We are committed to delivering outstanding technology solutions that meet your business needs. We develop cutting-edge strategies and customize solutions that can grow your business.

Being Humane

We create the most encouraging and positive environment at our place so that all our clients, employees, and vendors can experience growth, success, and advance as a huge family.

Core Values


We follow strong principle values and we honestly share all that we do to grow your business.


We have a great honour for all of our clients, fellow inhabitants, and all those we work with.


Every hand and every brain plays a crucial role in the work we do and we share equal credits as a team for the success we deliver.


We aim to create a better life for people around us and we play an active role in our communities.


We maintain transparency in the work we do for our clients, with our team, and with vendors.

Our Vision

To help you achieve your business goals, we create, strategize, and deliver better solutions with the use of the latest technologies.

Our Mission

To help you untangle complex issues with the adoption of new technologies, innovate solutions, and accelerate your business growth.

Why Choose Us?

At Hatigen, we have professionals with years of technological expertise who can let thrive your business with our integrated IT consulting services. We analyze your business needs and stick to the best software and technologies through which we can provide you with outstanding results.

Dedicated to protecting the environment, we deliver our promise in industries such as healthcare, banking and finance, retail, public services, insurance, and charity.


Join Our Team with a Goal

If you have a passion to innovate things and transform your ideas into reality with the use of the most advanced technologies, then Hatigen is the place for you. We believe dedication, teamwork, and in-depth knowledge help us to meet our clients’ expectations. Furthermore, to help you make an extraordinary impact on our clients, we fuel your knowledge and experience so that you can deliver the most effective solutions.