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We understand your company’s unique hiring needs and help you hire the right talent for the desired roles. We help you staff smarter with proven strategies.

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How Can IT Staffing Services Support Real Business Needs?

Onboarding & Training

Hatigen helps you in recruiting the right candidates for the desired roles and preparing them for the action at work. As part of our IT staffing services, our expert team handles the recruitment process, manages the joining formalities, and inducts talent.


Being renowned as one of the best IT staffing companies, we help you fulfill the requirements of labor laws and minimum wages. As part of our staffing services, we help you keep up with all the statutory compliances.

Payroll Management

If handling payments, gratuity, PF, and other mandatories are quite challenging for you, then we handle all that for you. We are more than a recruiting agency and as part of our staffing services, we help you will all the administration challenges.


If you are not ready to undertake the risk of onboarding a large workforce, then avail of our temporary contract staffing services. We help organizations to be more flexible and agile to upscale and downscale the workforce as per the business needs.

Permanent Staffing

Hiring the right talent for the desired role is important and we help organizations to get the perfect fit for middle, senior, and top-level positions. Being the most preferred recruitment partner, we extensively screen candidates and handle the end-to-end interviewing process.

Temporary/ Contract Staffing

With our temporary or contract staffing solutions services, we give flexibility to the organizations to upscale or downscale the workforce based on their business demands. Hence, you can hire specifically skilled candidates for a short duration at a very competitive cost.

Temp-to-Hire Solutions

If you want to onboard a candidate at the end of the contract period, our temp-to-hire services enable you to evaluate a candidate over a period of time. We allow you to determine the competency of the candidate along with the cultural and behavioral fit.

Our IT Staffing Services Roadmap

Talent Requisition

Sourcing & Screening

Evaluation & Assessment

Presenting a Candidate

Onboarding Talent

Why Partner with Us?

Transparency & Trust

We put transparency and trust first for a good reason. We’ll start working on your requirements right from the moment you engage with us and we keep you updated at every step. Our client relationships matter to us the most and we promise to work with integrity and professionalism.

In-depth Local Knowledge

Our consultants are experts in their industry background and they have inside-out knowledge in their local/ regional markets along with expertise in their sectors. If you want candidates with the perfect blend of technical and soft skills, then you can completely rely on us as we have extensive UK regional candidate networks.

Quick Response, Quality Delivery

Whether you are looking for your next manager or a short-term temp, we aim to meet your specific requirements and deliver successful outcomes by responding quickly. With the knowledge and experience of our team, we resolve your talent issues effectively and efficiently.

Attracting the Best Talent

We satisfy all that you expect from an innovative global specialist recruiter and we source you the highest quality candidates for the desired roles with the use of the latest digital tools and techniques in talent attraction. We maximize all available channels right from online job boards to social media to boost the outreach of your jobs.

Candidate Experience

We consider your company’s brand reputation as a top priority for us and we endeavor to make that all applicants come with a positive experience. We will safeguard from initial job ad posting to interviews and beyond i.e. at all stages of the recruitment process.