RPA Certification Master’s Courses

In this RPA Certification Master’s Course online, you will master advanced concepts of robotic process automation such as RPA components, RPA tools, workflow and Citrix manipulation, UI automation, automating and orchestrating tasks, etc. Furthermore, in this RPA Master’s Course online, we’ll cover three other courses i.e. AWS Solutions Architect, Python, and Automation Anywhere.


RPA Master’s Program Online – Overview

With the huge demand for automation in this hi-tech world, robotic process automation has become a necessity for various companies. Thus, it is recognized as the most high-valued career path, and this RPA Master’s Online Course designed by the industry experts trains you to acquire the most advanced skillset. In this training program, you will learn the concepts of Automation Anywhere, Python, AWS Solutions Architect, and RPA which lets you implement the insights and drive better results.

RPA Course Online – Key Features

  • Trusted content.
  • Re-learn for free anytime in a year.
  • Rigorous assignments and assessments.
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Mandatory feedback sessions.
  • Mock-interviews.
  • Hands-on real-time experience.
  • Free mentorship.
  • Live chat for instant solutions.
  • Job ready employees post-training.
  • End-to-end training.
  • Download the certificate after the course.

Robotic Process Automation Training Course Online – Benefits

The global market for robotic process automation is estimated at US$ 1.89 billion in 2021 and it is expected to grow rapidly with a CAGR of 38.2% from 2022 to 2030.

Annual Salary
Hiring Companies
Job Wise Benefits
RPA Developer

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RPA Master’s Certification Program Online – Training Options

Self-Paced Learning

£ 1200

  • 1-year access to the RPA course content.
  • 1 capstone project.
  • Multiple assessments.
  • Continuous feedback sessions.
  • Access to the class recordings.
  • Assistance and support.
  • Download certification.
  • Free mentorship.

Online Boot Camp

£ 1000

  • Everything in Self-paced learning +
  • On-spot doubt clarification.
  • Interactive training sessions.
  • Sessions on the capstone project.
  • Live, online classroom training.
  • Mock-interviews.

Corporate Training

Customized to your team’s needs

  • 1-year access to the RPA course content.
  • 1 capstone project.
  • Multiple assessments.
  • Continuous feedback sessions.
  • Class recordings.
  • Assistance and support.
  • Certification after the course.

Robotic Process Automation Training Course Online – Curriculum


Individuals, freshers, IT professionals, production managers, software developers, and business analysts who wish to learn automation and build their career in RPA can register for this Robotic Process Automation training course online.


In order to experience a smooth process in your learning and understand the concepts of RPA, it is essential to a have fundamental knowledge of programming languages and OOPS concepts.

Course Content

  • 1.001 Introduction to Robotic Process Automation
  • 1.002 Design considerations for RPA solution
  • 1.003 Capturing and interpreting existing application
  • 1.004 Advantages of Robotic Process Automation
  • 1.005 Windows Desktop RPA software UiPath
  • 1.006 Automation of back office repetitive processes
  • 1.007 Using variables and arguments for data manipulation
  • 1.008 Text and image Automation with RPA
  • 1.009 Workflow automation, debugging and exception handling
  • 2.001 Software Engineers, Software Testing and IT Professionals can take this online RPA training. If you want to make the best of the boom in RPA market, then this online training is for you.
  • 3.001 There are no prerequisites for taking this online Robotic Process Automation training. If you have a basic understanding of software coding and programming logic, then it is beneficial.
  • 4.001 Robotic Process Automation market will reach $2.9 billion by 2021 – Forrester Research 96% of customers are getting real value from Robotic Process Automation – Gartner Report An RPA Technical Automation Architect can earn an average salary of $116,872 – Indeed

Robotic Process Automation Course Online – FAQs

If you want to become an RPA Developer, then it is necessary to join this RPA Master’s training course online and understand all the concepts of RPA. However, before you join RPA Master’s course online, it is necessary to be proficient in coding skills such as Java, C++, Python, .NET, etc., and possess in-depth knowledge in database language i.e. SQL. Furthermore, in the course, you will master concepts such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere, etc. Adding to this, sound knowledge in HTML, AI, ML, and JavaScript will be beneficial for you to become an RPA developer.

The demand for automation and the technologies involved in robotic process automation is high and so, a career in RPA is considered to be a great choice. Therefore, graduates who are planning to make their career in RPA are likely to experience major employment opportunities and high pay packages. So, build your skill-sets with this RPA master’s course online at Hatigen.

If you want to gain knowledge in specialized areas of RPA, then check out the other courses in robotic process automation that Hatigen offers.

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