Data Science Services

With our data science consulting services, make data-driven decisions to scale our business. Our predictive analytics techniques, computer vision, and NLP allow you to discover the true potential of your data.

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How Can Data Science Services Support Real Business Needs?

PoC of an AI-based Solution

PoC is the most crucial step in the adoption of AI solutions. However, our data science consultants provide the full practical potential of your project concept within the time limit.

MVP of an AI-based Product

We create and deliver an initial version of the AI product according to your requirement through which you can satisfy early customers through its primary features. Our team also delivers feedback for future product development.

AI-driven Mobile/Web App Development

Build your web or mobile app with the integrated AI capabilities onto it. Our expert data science consultants will develop it from the scratch.

Mobile/Web App Empowered with AI & ML

The advancements in technology are constantly increasing, so in the web and mobile app market. Our experienced team empowers your web and mobile app with AI capabilities and takes them to a new level.

ML Consulting

Develop and implement your project idea with the help of our expert data scientists. Share your project idea and avoid unnecessary pitfalls with guidance from our data science consulting team.

Our Portfolio of Data Science Services

Data Strategy

Experience a great impact on your business due to our data-driven culture and holistic data strategy. Identify new use cases and improve your current data initiatives with expert guidance from our data scientists.

Data Science and AI Consulting

Build machine learning pipelines in web and software applications, and build scalable architectures with our data mining techniques and machine learning algorithms for your business.


Our data science consulting team helps you drive better business outcomes with the incorporation of AI into your current workflows.


Consult our expert data scientists to efficiently build and develop the infrastructure for effective data flow, data collection, transformation, and exploration.


Our team of expert data scientists uses the most tried and true methods to rapidly deploy and integrate artificial intelligence (AI).

Scientific Software Development

Our data science consultants follow agile methodologies to design interactive, innovative, and intelligent products that fit your business needs and accelerate speed to market.


With our expert guidance from our data science consulting team, optimize, manage, and expand your existing AI capabilities.

Why Partner with Us?

Predictive Analytics Services

As part of our predictive analytics services, we understand data patterns, predict future trends, and lead our clients in their domain. Also, we help our clients extrapolate patterns through those that have already occurred and are yet to happen with our managed services.

Data Analytics Application Development Services

Regardless of where the data is stored, Hatigen helps you to obtain insights and manage complex issues with our reliable analytics solutions. With a great focus on data collection, development of innovative database solutions, analysis, and visualization; we aim to improve customer service and make better data-driven decisions.

Business Intelligence Services

With our competitive big data industry and competitive business intelligence (BI) solutions, we help you develop an effective strategy and thus, eliminate risk and resource waste. Our team guides you to better understand events surrounding their processes, crucial metrics, procedures, and operations.

Data Engineering Services

Our data science consulting team derives critical insights for your business from unstructured and even raw big data sets. Further, Hatigen helps you to empower your data science and analytics team with the most effective tools and frameworks.

Prescriptive Data Solutions

Our prescriptive data solutions and analytics services help you optimize business-critical decisions. We help you balance constraints of the available resources and business goals with our effective plan, design, and configuration of your business systems.

Machine Learning Services

Incorporate artificial intelligence into your infrastructure with special attention to your deployment speed and machine learning. Furthermore, Hatigen helps you to collaborate, integrate, and apply open-source tools efficiently to scale as per the requirement.