Microsoft Azure Consulting Services

Drive innovation and growth with our developed and optimized Microsoft-based Azure solutions. With an expert team of Azure consultants, Hatigen has helped organizations across the world to leverage Microsoft technologies, right from productivity and business intelligence systems to development and data management tools.

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How can Azure Services Support Real Business Needs?

Azure Services

Our Azure consulting services include solution design and cloud architecture, application modernization, optimization of operations and security, cost optimization, analytics platform design and implementation, data management, data warehousing, and security testing.

Azure Competencies

Azure Competencies include Azure functions, Data Warehouse, Synapse, Data Lake, Key Vaults, Azure Container Instances (ACI), Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Data Explorer, Databricks, HDInsights, Cosmos DB, ML and AI with NLTK and CVS.

Our Portfolio of Azure Services


Connect with your customers, understand their interests and behaviour, and create tailored experiences. Lower your time to market with DevOps, cloud services, and tools designed for delivering mobile solutions.

Digital Marketing

Build and launch digital campaigns, and engage with your customers through our rich and personalized digital marketing experiences. Analyze and understand your customer demand, and use the power of Data Analytics to improve the effectiveness of your campaign.


Irrespective of what you sell, secure and scalable e-commerce solutions are highly important that help you to meet the demands of your business as well as your customers. Also, process transactions quickly and securely, provide customized products and offers to engage your customers, and focus on fulfillment and customer service.

Business Intelligence

Transform and analyze your business data to gain deeper insights and make informed decisions. Furthermore, with business intelligence solutions, you can analyze and understand your company’s data and quickly act on it.

Big Data and Analytics

Analyze massive amounts of data in real-time and make better decisions to deliver better experiences. Lower costs, increase revenue, and improve customer engagement with better insights and intelligent actions.

Data Warehouse

Today’s data-driven world needs the latest data warehouse solutions which can handle exponential data growth, scale on-demand and pause when not in use, deliver predictive analytics, and protect access to your data for true business transformation.

Predictive Maintenance with IoT

Predict and prevent equipment failures for a huge number of machines across the globe. Recognize warning signs with the streaming data from devices and sensors, preemptively repair equipment, predict equipment maintenance needs, and thus, save your money and time.

Remote Monitoring with IoT

Connect and monitor all of your assets, devices, and sensors and bring the internet of things to your life. Use previously untapped data to enable innovation, increase visibility into efficiency and performance, and improve business outcomes.

Development and Test

Provide a comprehensive set of testing and development tools for your team and deliver more features to collaborate at cloud speed. With the help of on-demand and scalable infrastructure, create consistent developments, and test environments.

Backup and Archive

Protect your business data and applications to meet compliance requirements or to avoid costly business interruptions. Securely extend your data archive solutions and on-premises backup storage to the cloud and achieve efficiency and scalability, while reducing cost and complexity.

Disaster Recovery

You may experience a competitive disadvantage just because of a minor outage. So, avoid the expense of secondary infrastructure with a business continuity plan that involves disaster recovery for your major IT systems.

SAP on Azure

Deploy SAP solutions on the most comprehensive cloud platform across production and dev-test scenarios – providing unparalleled performance for large SAP workloads.

SharePoint on Azure

Host your SharePoint farms in Azure, check on-demand and scale rapidly, and lower your infrastructure costs. Furthermore, Azure is renowned as the perfect home for your SharePoint workloads whether it’s for testing, development, production, staging, or disaster recovery purposes.

Our Azure Services Roadmap





Why Partner With Us?

Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration

Our unique Azure Migration workbench equipped with a three-phase migration methodology builds a comprehensive roadmap for your cloud journey, coupled with engineering accelerators and large-scale cloud migrations.

Accelerate IoT Adoption

With a lightweight, cloud-based IoT middleware framework, accelerate IoT technologies adoption and enhance time-to-market by 20%.

Cloud-native Solutions

Build and support applications through cloud-native architectures and make your business truly digital by leveraging the cloud’s complete capabilities.

Business Continuity

Design automated and cost-effective Business Continuity solutions with Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery for your hybrid, private, and public cloud environments.

Azure DevOps

DevOps process allows you to effectively combine the right processes, technologies, architectures, and infrastructures to radically accelerate and automate software deployment.

Security & Compliance

Our security solutions for the cloud help you to monitor system health, protect workloads, perform proactive forensic, breach analysis, audit, collect security events, and improve compliance.

Azure Managed Services

Our expert Azure consultants help you to effectively implement, manage, and monitor cloud infrastructure.