Certified ScrumMaster Course Online

If you want to become a certified ScrumMaster, then this Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) Course online takes you on the right path. In this CSM course online, you will learn about Agile Project Management and Scrum Framework. Furthermore, industry experts were dedicated to designing this CSM course content and thus, enabling you to gain job-ready skills through which you can open up to multiple career opportunities in various industry sectors.


CSM Course Online – Overview

In this Certified ScrumMaster Training Course Online, you will gain in-depth knowledge of Scrum methodologies and their implementation. As this Certified ScrumMaster Training Course is designed by industry professionals, it prepares you for the CSM certification exam. Thus, demonstrate your understanding after the successful completion of the Certified ScrumMaster course online and become a Certified ScrumMaster offered by Scrum Alliance.

CSM Certification Course Online – Key Features

  • Trusted content.
  • Re-learn for free anytime in a year.
  • Rigorous assignments and assessments.
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Mandatory feedback sessions.
  • Mock-interviews.
  • Hands-on real-time experience.
  • Free mentorship.
  • Live chat for instant solutions.
  • Job ready employees post-training.
  • End-to-end training.
  • Download the certificate after the course.

Certified ScrumMaster Online Course – Benefits

Certified ScrumMaster professionals are highly-valued across various industries and they are known to experience amazing pay scales.

Annual Salary
Hiring Companies
Job Wise Benefits
Scrum Master

Hiring Companies
Project Manager

Hiring Companies
Project Management Office (PMO)

Hiring Companies
Product Owner

Hiring Companies

Certified ScrumMaster Online Course – Training Options


£ 1200

  • 1-year access to the ScrumMaster course content
  • 1 capstone project
  • Multiple assessments
  • Continuous feedback sessions
  • Access to the class recordings
  • Assistance and support
  • Download certification
  • Free mentorship


£ 1000

  • Everything in Self-paced learning +
  • On-spot doubt clarification
  • Interactive training sessions
  • Sessions on the capstone project
  • Live, online classroom training
  • Mock-interviews


Customized to your team's needs

  • 1-year access to the ScrumMaster course content
  • 1 capstone project
  • Multiple assessments
  • Continuous feedback sessions
  • Class recordings
  • Assistance and support
  • Certification after the course

CSM Certification Training Course Online – Curriculum


The CSM certification course online is best suited for individuals or professionals who want to build their career as a Certified ScrumMaster professional, and members of Scrum teams, teams transitioning to Scrum, and managers of Scrum teams are eligible for this course.


There are no pre-requisites to join this Certified ScrumMaster training course online.

Course Content

  • 1.1 SCRUM @ High Level
  • 1.2 Agenda
  • 1.3 Scrum History
  • 1.4 What is Scrum?
  • 1.5 What is Agile?
  • 1.6 Why Agile?
  • 1.7 Agile Methodologies
  • 1.8 Scrum Life Cycle
  • 1.9 Terminologies used in SCRUM
  • 1.10 Sprints
  • 1.11 Timebox
  • 1.12 Advantages of Timebox
  • 1.13 Release
  • 1.14 Daily Scrum
  • 1.15 Daily Scrum
  • 1.16 User Story
  • 1.17 Story Card Information
  • 1.18 Definition of Done
  • 1.19 Product Backlog
  • 1.20 Sprint Backlog
  • 1.21 Sprint Planning
  • 1.22 Sprint Planning
  • 1.23 Sprint Review
  • 1.24 Sprint Retrospective
  • 1.25 Making Retrospectives Effective
  • 1.26 Different Roles
  • 1.27 Product Owner
  • 1.28 Product Owner Role
  • 1.29 Product Owner Role
  • 1.30 Scrum Master
  • 1.31 What Does A Scrum Master Do
  • 1.32 What The Scrum Master Should Not Do
  • 1.33 The Team Developers
  • 1.34 Building A Scrum Team
  • 1.35 Building Empowered Teams
  • 1.36 Role Of A Manager
  • 1.37 A New Role For A Manager
  • 1.38 Some Specialist Roles You May Want
  • 1.39 Distributed Scrum Teams
  • 1.40 Best Practices In Distributed Scrum
  • 1.41 Target Audience
  • 1.42 Certifications Overview
  • 1.43 Scrum With Simplilearn
  • 1.44 Contact Us for More Information

Certified ScrumMaster Online Training Program – FAQs

In this CSM certification training course online, you will gain a clear understanding of events, terms, and procedures that one needs to possess to handle the Scrum framework safely. This CMS course online trains you to make Scrum teams work efficiently and ensure continuous improvement by engaging with other Scrum practitioners.

CSM Certification exam allows you to prove your skills in Scrum terminologies, practices, and principles. This globally-recognized CSM certification is beneficial for managing large teams of various departments and thus, enables you to overcome obstacles in projects with the Scrum methodology.

When you pass the CSM examination, you will get the CSM certification from the reputed Scrum Alliance.