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Our clients often engage Hatigen for advice and best-practice support building Data Warehouses for their project, function, or business. You can benefit from our experience delivering Data Warehousing solutions for hundreds of projects across multiple industries.


A Data Warehouse is a copy of all of your business data that has been cleansed, integrated together and presented ready for querying. A Data Warehouse provides “one version of the truth” by supporting reports and dashboards that can detail everything that is going on across the business.


Your business probably uses lots of different systems, eg for finance, operations, HR, etc. The way that these systems work together is likely to be unique to your business and so it is important to be able to get the full picture that all the data in these systems represents.  It is possible to combine data from different systems report-by-report but this is time-consuming and soon becomes complicated.
The answer is to build a Data Warehouse that holds a separate copy of all your data which is used just for running “Business Intelligence” reports and dashboards against.
Data Warehouses have been around for many years now but they are still a tried and tested method of bringing all your data together.
Key Parts of Data Management Process


A series of “ETL” processes are built to Extract, Transform and Load the data from each source system into the Data Warehouse. The data being loaded is cleansed, to resolve any problems with it, and the data from different sources is joined together.
The Data Warehouse is structured to answer queries quickly and to allow data items to be combined in any logical fashion allowing a wide range of queries to be answered. A full history of changes is usually also kept allowing historical and trend reporting
Standard BI tools can then be used to create reports and dashboards


What Can a Data Warehouse Do?

A Data Warehouse can allow you to
  • Combine data from multiple sources to enable cross-business analysis
  • Provide a single view of all activity across the business
  • Separate reporting from transactional functions to ensure that core business is not adversely affected when reports are run
  • Maintain a full history of all data changes and updates (even if the source systems do not), allowing performance to be compared across time
  • Allow different types of reports and dashboards to be created using different tools
  • Control data access to specific users or groups of users
  • Provide “one version of the truth” for the entire business

What are the Common Data Warehouse Challenges That Hatigen Can Help With?

  • Technology Integration – Our wide range of technical expertise can help clients integrate any technology within their Data Warehouse landscape
  • Skills Gaps – We can support your project, overcoming any Data Warehousing skills gaps or challenges
  • Data Quality – We can help you to ensure Data Quality within your Data Warehouse project, using best practice Data Management principles that we have developed over many previous projects
  • Real Time – We can help with the complexities of streaming real time data into a Data Warehouse
  • Expensive to Maintain – We can ensure your Data Warehouse enhancement costs are managed effectively ensuring the right task is executed with the right people, at the right time
  • Unstructured Data – We can help you to overcome the challenges of both integrating and reporting on unstructured and semi-structured data
  • Cloud Data Warehouse – We can help you understand the pros and cons of putting a data warehouse in the cloud and we can help you build a cloud data warehouse or migrate your on-prem data warehouse into the cloud. Whilst we work with all the major cloud providers we are also Snowflake partners and so we can help implement a “cloud-agnostic” data warehouse

What Other Data Warehouse Services Does Hatigen Offer?

  • Data Warehouse review / assessment
  • Data Warehouse design and implementation
  • Project Management of a Data Warehouse implementation or extension
  • Assistance with a Data Warehouse tool selection
Data Management Solutions

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