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Data Profiling

Data Profiling is essential in allowing effective data processing and analysis. Simply put it’s the reviewing of data for content and quality. As the volume and value of data continues to increase dramatically so does the importance of data profiling.

Our clients often engage Dufrain in Data Warehousing, Data Governance and Data Quality projects but often are unaware of the importance Data Profiling plays in these engagements. You can benefit from our experience in Data Profiling when it comes to almost any project we deliver.

Key Parts of Data Management Process


  • I don’t trust my data to allow me to report and analyse accurately.
  • I know I have data quality issues but what is the source? scale?
  • How can I understand the interdependency between certain data items?
  • What transformations might I need to apply in my ETL?
  • Have I missed any new requirements for my data migration?
  • What open source or commercial tools are available for Data Profiling?


  • Uncovering Data Quality issues in preparation for a Data Warehousing project or for BI/MI
  • Understand potential data relationships at source that could bring value and insight
  • Make key project decisions based on the quality of source data
  • Discovering Metadata and Lineage and assessing its accuracy for compliance purposes
  • Understand the quality of source data before conducting a Data Migration
  • Performing Data Quality Assessments
 Data Profiling Overview:

Data profiling is the process of reviewing source data in order to understand its structure. Reviewing the content itself, the relationships between data and identifying both issues and potential value.

Data Profiling can help you to:

  • Structure Discovery – Validating data items and table consistency/formatting
  • Content Discovery – Identify systemic issues through low level discovery
  • Relationship Discovery – Understand the relationships between tables and data items
  • Drive Accuracy – Reporting and confidence in data
  • Effective insight and value generation from data

Benefits of Data Profiling:

  • Improved Data Quality
  • Trust in data allowing for accurate insights
  • Shorter Implementation Cycles for BI & Data Solutions
  • Improve user Understanding
Data Management Solutions

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