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Data Migration

Benefit from our expertise and experience in delivering complex Data Migration solutions across multiple industries.

Data Migration is the movement of data from a source to target system. It is usually required as a result of the introduction of a new business system – whether through a system consolidation, an application upgrade, a new data warehousing solution, or a company merger.

The process is often seen by companies as a necessary evil of large-scale, expensive IT projects. As a result, it can be easy to focus on the more attractive aspects of such projects – the front-end system – whilst underestimating the size and complexity of actually getting the data in there.

Key Parts of Data Management Process


  • Technology integration
  • Skill gaps
  • Data quality
  • Expensive to scale
  • Unstructured data
  • Migration strategy
  • Timeline, planning and scheduling
  • Assurance on migration and data
  • Less disruption


  • Help clients integrate with any technology using our experts in leading Data Migration technologies
  • Support your project, overcoming skill gaps or challenges with resourcing capacity
  • Ensure Data Quality within your Data Migration project, using best practice Data Migration principles we have developed over 100’s of projects
  • Offer a seamless migration process – users of the new system/application will not worry about the data, but instead will be able to enjoy the benefits of the system upgrade
  • Offer complete transparency through thorough system and unit testing, as well as reporting and validation
  • Effectively manage costs ensuring the right plan is executed with the right people, at the right time
  • Integrate data from multiple sources, across structured and unstructured data types for completeness
  • Help to overcome challenges migrating unstructured data
  • Maintain and improve data quality and integrity
  • Minimise downtime for the users within the business
  • Minimise remedial fixes


  • Data Integrity Review / Assessment
  • Data Migration Review / Assessment
  • Data Migration Programme Design & Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Tool Selection for Data Migration


The Hatigen Data Migration Accelerator (DDMA):

At Hatigen, we recognise the challenges affecting certainty of delivery, such as:
  • data quality issues repeatedly derailing migration runs
  • “coding” of mappings slowing speed of delivery
  • common transformations repeatedly and inconsistently been created
To mitigate these, we have created the Hatigen Migration Accelerator that manages flow control of migration runs and allows mappings and transformations to be declared – rather than coded – using spreadsheets.
DDMA increases the transparency of the migration process for validation and QA purposes and mitigates delivery risk substantially, reducing time and cost to execute your data migration.
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