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Data Integration

Data Integration is arguably the most critical aspect of successful Data Management. You can benefit from our experience in delivering intricate and cross-business Data Integrations, building Integration Strategies, leveraging Big Data and implementing scalable data solutions.


  • Is my current Data Integration solution scalable and future-proofed?
  • Can my business benefit from streamlining and automating our Data Integration processes?
  • Do I have the skills needed to complete a Data Integration project myself, or the ability to upskill my data engineers?
  • How do I plan the Integration of a new data source into my businesses existing architecture?
  • Is the technology I’m using to perform Data Integration fit for purpose? 
  • Is my current platform suitable for Big Data?
  • Is it possible to integrate Big Data with my existing data?
  • How do I manage poor quality source data when integrating data?
  • What is the best approach to Data Integration and ETL?
  • How do I test and assess successful Data Integration?
  • What are the benefits of using a Data Integration specialist partner to complete a Data Integration Project?
Key Parts of Data Management Process


Data Integration is centralising your disparate data sources into a unified view. This allows you to collaborate across business areas and report using clean and formatted information. Our experience tells us that the vast majority of effort and build time on major data projects is spent on data integration. A recent Experian research paper found that “83% of organisations see data as an integral part of forming a business strategy” and a solid Data Integration strategy is the first step to unlocking the value from your data.

Successful Data Integration will:

  • Integrate data from multiple sources including structured and unstructured data
  • Centralise and automate ETL processes
  • Improve data quality and provide data lineage crucial to meeting regulatory requirements such as GDPR, IFRS and FCA submissions
  • Ensure data makes sense to business users who need it to support decision making

Common Data Integration challenges:

  • Data Integration Tooling – We have experience using disruptive and industry leading technologies across businesses of all sizes and budgets. We can assist you in both selecting the right Data Integration Tool for your Data Integration program and helping you get the most out of the technologies you already have
  • Skills Gaps – We can support your project, overcoming skills gaps or challenges with resourcing capacity
  • Real-Time Processing – We can implement real-time processing to deliver immediate access to the data which is most valuable to you.
  • Data Quality – We can help you to ensure Data Quality in your Data Integration project. Using best practice Data Integration principles we have developed and deployed over hundreds of projects
  • Expensive to scale – We ensure costs are managed effectively. Ensuring the right plan is executed with the right people, at the right time
  • Unstructured & Semi-structured Data – We can help you to overcome challenges integrating data of all types
Data Management Solutions

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