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With the advent of new technologies and capabilities like Data Science, Robotics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and the rapid pace of competitive and organisational change driving complex data programmes, it’s never been more important to have a focus on best practice Data Management.
We have built our reputation over the years on our skills and expertise in Data Management and can provide expert services in advisory, design and delivery. Our services can be provided from both a technology agnostic point of view, while leveraging our deep technology expertise with popular Data Management technologies.
Our experience allows us to help our clients across all pillars of Data Management. From helping clients define their Data Strategy and Data Governance Framework through to design and development of Enterprise Data Warehouses to feed organisations analytics and reporting efforts.
Key Parts of Data Management Process


Data Warehousing

Our clients often engage Hatigen for advice and best-practice support building Data Warehouses for their project, function, or business. You can benefit from our experience delivering Data Warehousing solutions for hundreds of projects across multiple industries.

Data Integration

Data Integration is arguably the most critical aspect of successful Data Management. You can benefit from our experience in delivering intricate and cross-business Data Integrations, building Integration Strategies, leveraging Big Data and implementing scalable data solutions.

Data Migration

Data Migration is the movement of data from a source to target system. It is usually required as a result of the introduction of a new business system – whether through a system consolidation, an application upgrade, a new data warehousing solution, or a company merger.

Data Profiling

Data Profiling is essential in allowing effective data processing and analysis. Simply put it’s the reviewing of data for content and quality. As the volume and value of data continues to increase dramatically so does the importance of data profiling.

Data Management Solutions

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