Why Hatigen?

Whether you are looking to hire one apprentice in a role you’re struggling to fill, or need a solution to develop your talent pipeline, we scope your needs with you and provide the right apprenticeship solution.

We’ve been doing this for over 3 years. We get learning, and we get your challenges – so we’ve crafted our apprenticeships and services to support your business.


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Our Courses

Artificial Intelligence
App & Web development
Big Data
Block Chain
Cloud Computing
Cyber Security
Digital Transformation
Enterprise Applications
Enterprise Middleware

Careers with Hatigen

Interested in joining the UK’s leading business and IT training company? As a national training company we offer a range of job roles, across multiple locations, all over the UK. So whatever your experience and wherever you’re based, we’re likely to have something to suit you

Hot Topics

Agile is a product focussed, iterative approach to delivering projects. At QA we can offer a wide range of training and expertise to help you and your organisation become Agile and maximise the benefits, including both technical skills and the new behaviours you will need to successfully implement Agile working practices.

Build app and web development expertise using the latest technologies and best practice techniques.

One of the most compelling benefits of using information technology is the sheer wealth of information that’s available at the touch of a button – information that can help steer a business with greater accuracy.

We offer cloud computing training courses suitable for businesses and individuals at every level. Whether you simply wish to improve your understanding of cloud technologies, or you’re looking to maximise your existing cloud infrastructure

State-of-the-art Cyber Labs

International House is home to the Cyber Labs, where companies can simulate real-life cyber attacks on their infrastructure, helping them to prevent & combat breaches without risking their own network.

We view Digital Transformation as a shared responsibility within an organization that affects all levels. Our digital skill solutions are holistic, customization, flexible and cost effective.


Your first Job out of university really matters


Take the opportunity to become an IT consultant, work in the latest in demand technologies supporting some of the most recognizable brands and prominent public sector organizations

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